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No beating around the bush at The Red Tea Cupboard!

The Red Tea Cupboard has shared the healing legacy of Rooibos for the past 25 years.

  • High quality Rooibos mixed with herbs to aid healing from many ailments
  • Health supplements of excellent standard to maintain health and prevent disease.
  • Skin care products, infused with Rooibos extract, ensures healthy glowing skin .
  • Mobile services: Facials, Foot Treatments and Quantum testing.
  • We brew tea, but not our orders and services!

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    Skincare has been my passions since I was a teenager. I started using Annique's Rooibos products when I was 25 years old and have not looked back since then. I loved the product so much that I decided to become a consultant myself.

    About 18 months ago my interest shifted slightly and I started focusing on the Health products. I do quantum testing to establish your vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which in turn can aid in healing ailments and preventing major diseases at a later stage in life.

    I find the body and it's chemistry rather fascinating and I gladly do research on my clients health queries at no extra charge!

    I am available for urgent queries outside business hours.

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    For skincare I can assist with a skin analysis and a facial demonstrating on how to use the recommended products and explaining their functions. If you have a problem skin I will give you samples to try before you buy.

    I have a mobile service, which is ideal for those with mobility or transport problems.

    Regarding health related issues, I will do a health analysis and a quantum test to determine deficiencies you may have.

    There are also wonderful slimming products if that is your main concern.

    Another favorite activity is a special foot treatment (not a pedicure) to help you relax .


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    Karin Wessels
    Tel: 084 585 5057



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    8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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