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Helping business & career women see themselves confident from the inside out.

Giving women the confidence to be, do and have all that's possible for their lives, businesses & beyond

  • Specialist Women's Portrait Photographer
  • Founder of the Confident Creative Academy
  • Inspiring confidence, celebrating the uniqueness of you!

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    I believe that every woman has an obligation not only to herself but to the women in her life to show up in this world as her most confident self. This journey is a lesson in self-love, self-acceptance & self-respect – to get us all to a place where, IN SPITE of our imperfections, we are confident. I believe that this world needs more feminine input, influence and impact, and that confidence is the key to helping women show up in a more significant way. By helping women recognize and cultivate their confidence through my Specialist Women’s Portrait Photography, my online membership site called the Confident Creative Academy, professional speaking, events & online platforms, I hope, if nothing else, that a single confident women standing tall offers proof and permission for a wave of women to begin their own confidence crusade.

    I create to entertain, inspire, transform & empower.

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    1. Specialist Women's Portrait Photography services include:
    - Personal Branding photo shoots
    - Head Shot Photos
    - Custom Stock Image Retainers
    - Lifestyle Shoots
    - Confidence Sessions

    2. Personal Brand Video...like the one you see on the left.

    3. The Confident Creative Academy offers:
    - Online courses & guest expert masterclasses for women
    - System and process template library
    - Accountability and habit trackers
    - Private, non-social media based online community


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    Amazing photos and a fun experience

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    I am incredibly camera shy and pretty much run whenever I see a camera! I met up with Abigail for coffee before the shoot and we clicked instantly. She was able to put me at ease, so much so, that I actively started looking forward to the shoot. The shoot itself, was an awesome experience. The make up artist did a fantastic job and the shoot was so much fun, with Abigail pulling me out of my shell and making me feel completely comfortable. I get loads of compliments on my photos and absolutely love them! I'm hoping to work with Abigail again later this year, putting together a video for my website and am already excited at the prospect!

    A highlight on my calendar

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    Abigail is gifted in so many ways. Although she is well known for helping people grow their confidence she also grows relationships. I have networked with Abigail on various levels through business collaborations. I however decided to put her skills and offerings to the test when I commissioned her for a shoot. I was so taken back by the lovely photos she took of me. She made sure that we were both on the same page before the shoot so that I could get the results that I expected, but I got more. I can highly recommend Abigail not as a great photographer but also a special person to connect with.

    Photos done by THE best

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    Absolutely hated photos... but being a business mentor and on radio, there is now often a quick pic here and there. Abigail has given me tips and tricks to use to look good most of the time. During my photo shoot, we had loads of fun and laughter - but a very professional time with THE most excellent photos. Thank you so much Abigail for turning my photo hate around

    Such gratitude

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    Abigail. We so loved coming to the studio to meet you . Thanks for being such a warm open hearted person. We really appreciate the photoshoot you helped us with. You're so talented and the whole experience was just amazing. Feel really blessed to have met you. With love and gratitude, Michelle

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    Abigail Klopper
    Tel: 0761297631


    Cape Town

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    9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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