Why does the installment show "per month" and why is the "end date" in 3 months time?

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You have the choice of paying upfront or in 2 x installments. You are also able to choose an upgrade to a 3-year membership (access to The Lions Den for 3 years).
Please see the website for more details.
If you are concerned that your payment records indicate "R....... per month", please don't be alarmed, unfortunately, the payment system does not allow enough space to display the full description.
The payment cycle is only 2 months, so it is R........ per month for 2 months only, but sadly, there is no space for the whole description.
The system requirements also specify that we have to enter an "end date" or termination date for the payment cycle, which allows a grace period for clearing of payments, due to different banks, etc (that is why it shows as 3 months after your initial sign up).
Unfortunately, this is not within our control, but we assure you that if you have selected the 2 x installment option, that only two payments are due (if you did not opt to pay upfront) and your membership term is as per the option you chose (1 or 3 years).

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