How much does a subscription cost?

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One Year Membership = R1980

if paid upfront, then it will be = R1780

If paid in 2 installments = R990 x 2 (2nd installment due 30 days after the first installment)

Three Year Membership = R1980 + R895 = R2875

if paid upfront, then it will be = R2675

if paid in 2 installments = R1437.50 x 2 (2nd installment is due 30 days after the first installment)

Buy One Get One FREE (offer ends 31 January 2019)

When you buy a membership before 31 January 2019, we will "gift" you the 2nd membership (valid for one year) for FREE to "gift" to a someone. It's called "Paying It Forward".

Why is this so 'cheap' and affordable? We know that the more entrepreneurs we can help build sustainable businesses, the more jobs we can create in helping us eradicate unemployment in South Africa.

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