The Quizzes after webinars in the LionsLAB have a comment - you will get 100% but we will mark this later. When will that be? Will we be contacted?

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The system that we are using for these questions is essentially a quiz plugin (designed by another company), so people need to answer a certain amount of questions correctly in order to pass the quiz and move on to the next webinar. We do not want to "police" anyone, but obviously, if members are not attending the webinars and applying the lessons, they will not receive any benefit.
Sadly, there are members who buy the course and never attend or implement and then they can't understand why they do not grow their business :(. Ultimately you made the commitment, it is your responsibility to attend and implement.
Many of the questions that we ask, don't really have a right or wrong answer, so we have to set these questions to an "open essay" format where people can type in what they want and continue with the quiz. This is why it says that you will get 100%, but it will be reviewed later on. This is an automated response on the quiz plug-in, which we can't change, as we did not develop it. 
The quizzes are really just there as a tool to enable you to think about what you have learned, and to assist you to implement the lesson. We are not able to provide feedback on all member quizzes and answers.
If you do have any specific questions, please use the live webinars to "ask" or post to the closed FB group, if the question has value to other members (and has not been answered in the FAQ's) we approve it for publication and Leon and other members can assist with support and advice.

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