Payment by debit order or credit card issues?

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If you paid by credit card and chose to pay in installments, your card will automatically be debited with the monthly payments.
This is from Payfast, the payment gateway:
Subscriber Out of Funds

PayFast will try a number of times to reprocess a payment where the buyer does not have funds on their credit card.

On failure, the buyer will be notified, allowing some time for the problem to be resolved.

On a complete failure (after X amount of times), the subscription will be ‘locked’ and will need some action from the merchant to reactivate on the PayFast backend or via the API pause endpoint.

If this happens, and you are locked out of Payfast, you will also be locked out of The LionsLAB training platform and lose access to your website (landing page) and you will have to pay a re-joining fee to gain access again.

Please ensure that the funds are available when due, to avoid this problem.

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