I want to ask my coach something? I would like one-on-one coaching?

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It is difficult for your coach to answer all your questions personally. Please understand:

"Our purpose is to enable 100 000 entrepreneurs in the next 5 years to have; a professional online presence, access to basic and advanced business coaching and training, exposure to the market place and the ability to compete on an equal and affordable footing."

This means that we have decided to create this course and offer it at a very affordable price, in order to assist more entrepreneurs. This also means that we can't offer one-on-one training and advice, we trust you understand 🙂

Also, remember that your question may be something that is still coming up in the training (please be patient, Rome wasn't built in a day :)...it may be covered in the FAQ's here? We are adding daily so that this will become a "library" of information for all members to access at any time. If your question is not in the FAQ's yet and it can benefit all members to know the answer, we will also add it to the FAQ library, thank you for helping us grow!
We usually ask members, who want to ask their coach something directly, to post their question in the closed FB group (for members only). If you haven't joined yet and you are a member, please join here.
If the question is of value to all members (in other words they can learn something relevant to the training from it), we approve the post (and then your coach also doesn't have to answer the same questions over and over :). Don't be offended if your post is not approved, this is just a way to streamline the process and guarantees that your coach will get to see your question and can respond to you personally or in the group.
Alternatively, you could ask your coach during the live webinar (there is always time for a few questions after each webinar on Thursday evenings at 8pm).
If you specifically would like a one-on-one consultation with your coach, which would be at an extra cost, please contact him via his website: https://www.leonlategan.co.za/consulting

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