I would like to edit or delete a review, how do I do that?

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Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to edit reviews in terms of any changes requested, even spelling errors. Our system does not allow us to edit reviews at all.
It was designed this way for ethical and practical reasons...if you consider the number of members, and times that by the number of reviews..as support, we would spend our days just editing reviews, this is impractical and also beyond our scope of responsibility. It would also raise some serious ethical questions if we were able to edit reviews...
Ultimately it is the member and their client's responsibility, to ensure that the review is accurate, grammatically and in terms of truthfulness.
The system developer is working on a new system to prevent duplicates, which means soon, we won't have any access whatsoever to reviews, the same as Google and Facebook, once it's there, it is "permanent".
Please ask your client to wait until they see the confirmation that the review has been recorded, it may take a few seconds to register.

In the interim, please let us know if you have duplicate reviews so we can remove them. This is the only type of review that we are able to remove.

Please email us on margot@thelionsden.co.za to remove duplicate reviews only.

Please understand that this is an important policy (exactly the same as Google and Facebook reviews), in order to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the directory for all members.

Watch this video to see how your clients leave reviews:

Leave a Review tutorial


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