I can't access the P13 videos or recordings in The LionsLAB?

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The recordings are accessible to you for as long as your membership is valid.
If you are unable to access, there could be a few reasons for this:
  • Are all your payments up to date (if you are paying by installment)?
  • Have you completed and received 100% for the quiz after each P13 session? If you have not, you are not able to progress to the next session.
  • If you have made sure of both points above, then this may be a system issue, please see the instructions below:
Please first log out of your profile completely, then try to clear your cache or use an incognito page, as it seems that your device may be storing previous information and you need to clear that first.
This is how you do this:
Once this is done, you can log in from this page below and if you click on this link after clearing your cache, you will need to type in your password again:
Please let us know if this works, if not please email us on margot@thelionsden.co.za as we will need to re-set the system from the back-end.

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