I am not receiving the webinar reminders or the link to register?

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There are 3 ways that we will remind you about the webinars:

  1. By email (if you registered for all 13 sessions by clicking on the link in your Welcome email)
  2. FB group for members only
  3. WA group for members only

There are many reasons why you may not have received a reminder, please make sure none of these apply, before you email us, post in FB, or call us:

  1. Did you click on the link in your welcome mail to register for ALL webinars and did you make sure you followed the correct process (please see the video below)? If you did not receive welcome mail, please check your spam folder too!
  2. Did you register for ALL webinars and not just one? Please see the video below.
  3. Which email address did you use to register? Please make sure you check ALL your inboxes and ALL your spam folders.
  4. On very rare occasions, some service providers have very strict filters, which block webinar reminder mails completely, this is out of our control (make sure you follow steps 5 and 6 below).
  5. Join the FB group for members only (TheLionsDenMembers)
  6. Join the WA group for members only (TLD WA Group)

The webinar link is posted again every Thursday morning (to the closed FB group and the WA group).

It is very important to join the FB group, if you haven't' already, you are missing out on lots of engagement and advice between members and Leon!

Please also join the WA Group! It is only used for important announcements and you will not be bombarded with messages, as only Leon can post in the group to members.

Registration for all 13 webinars:

Please make sure that after you click on the webinar registration link and you get to this screen below, that you click on the blue "subscribe" button at the bottom right to receive ALL reminders for the following webinars:

You will then receive an email to confirm your subscription, please click on the link in the email as well.

We trust you understand that we can't do much more than this, if you have not clicked on the link in your welcome mail, or you have not joined the FB or WA group, are not checking your SPAM folders for ALL your email addresses, or your service provider filters are blocking our reminders, it is out of our hands. We have created 3 different methods to make it as easy as possible to receive the link, the rest is in your hands and your responsibility.

Please also don't leave this till 5 minutes before the webinar...our support staff tries to only work normal office hours 🙂

If you miss the live webinar, all is not lost, please access the recording in The LionsLAB the next day.

Watch the video on how to register for all 13 webinars here:

Webinar Registration Video

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