How to get started and set up your profile or landing page?

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Does not include free membership

A free listing on The Lions Den Business Directory


2. *R2590 paid upfront

Save R400

Credit Card or EFT

One year membership for only R2590, paid in full.


3. *R2980 paid in 2 x installments

Credit Card

One year membership for only R2980 paid in 2 installments of R1490 now and R1490 in 30 days.


* If you join before midnight 31 May 2019 we will gift you a FREE membership to gift to someone else

Should you wish to upgrade to a 3-year membership, click on the RED "Yes, I would like to upgrade" button.
If you would prefer to purchase the one-year membership, click on the BLACK  "No, I don't want all this great value, continue to checkout".
Complete all your billing details and make sure to use the correct email address that you want this landing page to be connected to and where you want to receive correspondence from us, as this can not be changed later. Your username can also not be changed, but you are able to reset your password later.

Once you have completed the payment process, you will receive a Welcome Mail to the email address you entered. Please also check your spam folder. Remember that some payments will take longer to process (eg EFT from different banks, etc). If you have not received your welcome mail in 48 hours, please contact us. The welcome mail contains important information about setting up your profile and getting started.

Once you receive your Welcome Mail and login to your profile, this is what you will see below:


In order to complete your profile or landing page, click on the red button on the left "Access your listing profile".

Make sure you have all the information ready (eg your business name, description, photos, background image, logo, links to your social media platforms, etc). If you have all this information at your fingertips, setting up your profile will take between 15-30 minutes. The red starred fields are required and you will not be able to complete the landing page without completing those fields. Don't worry if it is not perfect the first time, you can always come back and update/edit any information. You are not able to leave during the process and come back later, so even if the information is wrong, just complete your first attempt (all the required fields), save it by clicking on the "load profile" red button at the bottom of the screen and then you can come back and edit later. Whenever you make any changes, please make sure to click on the red "Update Profile" button at the bottom of the page to save any changes.

To load your address, click on the Suburb field and start typing in the name of your suburb. If it is not found, you can also click on the minus sign (-) on the map, to zoom out, select the continent you are on, then click on the plus sign (+) to zoom in again, until you find your area/province.

For the background image, click on add image and either find an image in the media library (make sure image is selected with a blue tick in right-hand corner of image, then click on red "select" button at bottom right of screen) or upload an image from your device (click on Upload Files, Select Files, then choose your image, it will upload to the media library, then make sure the image is selected with a blue tick in top right-hand corner, and then click on the red "select" button at bottom right of page)..


Follow the same procedure for the Photo Gallery, you can upload up to 4 images.



Once you have loaded your profile/landing page information, you will see this "Post Updated" orange message at the top of your profile.



Once you have completed your first attempt, access The LionsLAB on the left-hand side, red menu bar and watch the P13 MBA sessions for how to improve your design.

Good Luck!


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