My membership has been canceled. How do I re-join? What is the re-joining fee and procedure?

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Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that there is enough money in your account to cover the installment/subscription fee.
Please also note that the 3rd party gateway (Payfast) will try 5 times over 5 days to recover your subscription amount.
If we do not receive your payment in time, your membership will be canceled and you will lose access to The LionsLAB learning platform and your landing page will be deleted.
Should you wish to continue, a rejoining fee will be payable, before you will regain access.

The rejoining fee is currently R1000 (plus any outstanding installments).

Please ensure your payment is made (outstanding installment plus the rejoining fee) and email your POP to margot@thelionsden.co.za

Use your name and surname as the reference on the payment, please.

We will re-activate your membership upon receipt of your proof of payment. No POP, no re-activation.

You will need to pay by direct EFT to this account:

RhinoRed t/a The Lions Den


Branch 632005,

Cheque Account

408 589 1694

Please remember to send POP to margot@thelionsden.co.za.

It is impossible and impractical for us to check the bank statement continuously and try to track payments, we trust you understand. 

No POP, no re-activation.

Please also see our T&C's here:


As per our T&C's:

  • If purchasing the subscription package (paying by installments) you agree to the FULL term of the subscription package( eg. 12 months or 36 months)
  • One month's cancellation fee/notice fee (equal to the value of one-month's installment) will apply when a subscription package is canceled during the term of your agreement



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