How do I join the Facebook group?

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As a Lions Den member, you are invited in your welcome mail, to become a member of our closed Facebook group.

This is a forum where fellow members exchange tips/advice, Leon interacts with members (advice, etc) and we post important notifications and reminders.

When you join, we allow you to introduce yourself and your business and then (later on as the course proceeds) we allow 3 members per day to post a link to their Lions Den landing page (which is a work in progress and you are able to improve it with training received through the P13 MBA course) and "advertise" their business. Fellow members are asked for advice and input regarding your landing page.

All posts need to be approved by an admin of the FB group first.

No other advertising, posting of content not related to The Lions Den course, etc or spamming of other members is allowed.

Please do not request membership before activating your subscription, as we will not have a record of your membership yet and will not "know" who you are and will automatically decline your request.

If you have any questions or comments about the training, etc, please try to use the live webinars to ask your question or alternatively, you can post or comment in the FB group.

If you have not received a welcome mail with an invitation to join, after paying, please remember to check your spam folder first, then please join here:

The Lions Den FB Group


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