How do I get "reviews" and can I have more than three?

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Please ask your clients to leave reviews (simply share the URL to your landing page with them and ask them to complete the "Leave a Review" form) or share your review page URL directly with them so they don't need to scroll to the review form - it will look something like this: https://www.thelionsden.co.za/listings/yourcompanyname/#review

We have added space for additional reviews on your landing page (initially you could only have 3). You are now able to have a maximum of 24. Please note that any reviews over and above the amount of 24 will not be visible at this stage! We are still working on a system that will allow only a few reviews to show, with a "read more" button, which will open the rest...please bear with us...we are updating and improving all the time :). Soon we will increase the maximum to 36 reviews...:)

Please note that your review rating will also determine your position in the "ranking" of your listing (the higher the rating, the higher up your position in the member directory).

Please do not add fake reviews as this will negatively impact the authenticity of the Directory for all members, as well as damage your reputation.

We are also working on a system to prevent duplicate reviews. Only our system developer will be able to delete duplicate reviews, please contact margot@thelionsden.co.za for assistance.

We will not delete bad reviews, exactly like the Google and Facebook policy.

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