How do I cancel my subscription?

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We are sorry to hear that you would like to cancel your membership to The Lions Den.

If the term of your original subscription has expired (eg 12 months or 3 years), please complete the feedback form below and we will de-activate your landing page and cancel your membership.

If you have not paid in full for the term you signed up for, please see our T&C's here:


As per our T&C's:

  • If purchasing the subscription package (paying by installments) you agree to the FULL term of the subscription package( eg. 12 months or 36 months)
  • 100% Cancellation fee will apply when a subscription package is canceled during the term of your agreement (eg. 12 months or 36 months) i.e. you will need to pay the full amount still outstanding.

Please complete this cancellation request and feedback form HERE for research purposes, as we are continually striving to improve our offering and service.

Please note that if you decide to cancel and then re-join at a later stage, you will need to pay a re-joining fee.

See the FAQ's under "re-joining" for further details about this.

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