How do I buy additional courses in the LionsLAB, eg social media courses?

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Further courses are available for purchase in The LionsLAB, eg additional Social Media courses.

This is how you access them:

Video Instructions:

How to purchase additional courses in the LionsLAB

Screenshot Instructions:

Step 1 A: Access The LionsLAB, click on "My Courses" in the left-hand side menu, select the course you wish to purchase, click on the "View course" button and then click on the "buy this course now" button.


Or Step 1 B: Access the LionsLAB, click on "Social Media Courses" for example, then click on the "View Courses" button and move to step 2:

Step 2: Select the specific course you wish to purchase, by clicking on the "View Course" button below the course and click on the "Buy this course now" button

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