How do I add or edit or update or delete a deal to "My Deal" section?

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Remember to add a deal to your "MY DEAL" section on your profile. You can update the deal at any time. We will be sharing deals with our full audience, so it's a great opportunity to capture some quick leads.

Go to: https://www.thelionsden.co.za/my-account/my-deal/
Log in and click to MY DEAL on the left-hand side menu & simply complete. It will then automatically feed through to our main deal page and be shared with our audiences.

See member deals here:

Watch this quick video here to see how to upload a deal:

How to load a deal video

In order to edit a deal, simply "overtype" the current deal in your "my deal" section on your profile.

You are now able to "hide" deals (delete them). Simply access the "My Deal" section on your profile and scroll down to "visibility". Click on the up/down arrow on the right and select "Hidden" to hide the deal from your landing page (it will no longer be visible).

See the video on how to do this here:

Hide your deal

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