How can my clients find me when searching the member directory on the TLD platform?

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We have recently improved the "internal search" function on the member directory in The Lions Den platform to enable potential clients to find listed members easier by including a "location" field and keywords from the "about" and "services" sections (category). So searches at the moment are based on "category" and location.

At this stage, clients will not be able to search by your company name within the directory (however, searches by company name in Google searches will find your listing and this is the way most potential clients will be searching for your services).

We are always looking at ways to improve our service and the TLD platform and will continue to add further functionality to our platform and your landing pages.

At this stage, it is your goal (by following the guidelines in the P13 course) to drive traffic directly to your landing page!

As the TLD platform grows, we will add further improvements to the "internal" search function, so.... we are working on it, please bear with us.

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