Do you check the landing page designs and give feedback?

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You need to design your own landing page, and although we can't possibly check and provide feedback on them all, don't worry, this subject is covered in the training in the TLD course, so you will be able to use the tools and tips discussed to make it great.

If you would like some input and feedback from other TLD members, please make sure you join the closed FB group, for members only here. If your coach is able to, he will also provide some feedback. Please only post your landing page design once per month with any updates or changes you have made, in order for all members to get a chance.

Unfortunately, your coach can't give feedback on each and every landing page design and update, we trust you understand, considering the incredible deal for this landing page and training course. This is not a 0ne-on-one coaching platform. Please see our purpose here.

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