I would like to add some features to my landing page or personalise it further. Or I would like my landing page to be more like a website with additional features.

The landing page that you get as part of The Lions Den package has specific features, designed with conversion optimisation in mind.

If you would like a personalised landing page and additional features, please complete the form below:


Someone filled in the contact form on my landing page and I got a confirmation SMS but no email?

Please make sure that the email address you completed on your profile (landing page) is correct.

Also check your spam folder in case your service provider's spam filters blocked the email enquiry.

If you have done both of the above and also tested (fill in the contact form on your landing page yourself and see if you receive an email), and still nothing, then please email margot@thelionsden.co.za to check the system setup.

I would like to buy a second or additional landing page or I would only like a landing page, not the training course?

We now have an option for you to buy an additional landing page within the Lions Den platform (excluding the training course).

Here is a quick video showing you how to do this:

How to buy an additional landing page only.


Please see the screenshot steps here:

Step 1: Access your TLD profile, click on the red button on the left-hand side "Access your listing profile"


Step 2: Click on the red button on the right-hand side "Buy Now"  - this will take you through to the payment page, where you are able to use your credit card, do a direct EFT or zapper or snapscan payment.




How many categories/services should I list under?

Please only list under 3 categories/services.

If you would like to list under more than 3, please get another landing page.

Why am I getting fake enquiries or spam email from my landing page contact form?

We are sorry to hear if you are experiencing a bit of a "spam" or fake enquiry issue.

It is difficult to control and we have added an article (click on the article link) that you can read for further information about preventing spam...but since nowadays we are all "out there" in the public domain and on social media, sharing our details, so that we are able to drive traffic to our websites and businesses, we think it is best just to try to always be vigilant. Do not ever respond to "spam" mail!

We have included extra security features on your landing page contact forms, to try to prevent "spammers" as much as possible.

How can my clients find me when searching the member directory on the TLD platform?

We have recently improved the "internal search" function on the member directory in The Lions Den platform to enable potential clients to find listed members easier by including a "location" field and keywords from the "about" and "services" sections (category). So searches at the moment are based on "category" and location.

At this stage, clients will not be able to search by your company name within the directory (however, searches by company name in Google searches will find your listing and this is the way most potential clients will be searching for your services).

We are always looking at ways to improve our service and the TLD platform and will continue to add further functionality to our platform and your landing pages.

At this stage, it is your goal (by following the guidelines in the P13 course) to drive traffic directly to your landing page!

As the TLD platform grows, we will add further improvements to the "internal" search function, so.... we are working on it, please bear with us.

How do I create a link for clients to leave Google Reviews for my business?

How to create Google Review links

To create a link from Google Search:

  1. On your computer, search for your business on Google.
  2. Find your business listing and click Write a review.
  3. Copy and paste the URL you see in your address bar.

If these steps don't work for you, you'll need to use the PlaceID Lookup Tool instead.

Create a link using the PlaceID Lookup Tool:

  1. Use the PlaceID Lookup Tool.
  2. Enter your business name in the “Enter a location” field at the top of the map.
  3. Click your business name in the list that appears.
  4. Copy your Place ID, which you'll see beneath your business name.
  5. Add your Place ID to the following URL to create your link:  https://search.google.com/local/writereview?placeid=<place_id>

Watch the video here on how to create a direct link for Google Reviews:


How do I create a Youtube channel for uploading videos to my landing page or profile?

Create a YouTube channel

Add videos to your YouTube channel

How do I upload a video to my landing page or profile?

How to upload a video

How do I add or edit or update or delete a deal to "My Deal" section?

Remember to add a deal to your "MY DEAL" section on your profile. You can update the deal at any time. We will be sharing deals with our full audience, so it's a great opportunity to capture some quick leads.

Go to: https://www.thelionsden.co.za/my-account/my-deal/
Log in and click to MY DEAL on the left-hand side menu & simply complete. It will then automatically feed through to our main deal page and be shared with our audiences.

See member deals here:

Watch this quick video here to see how to upload a deal:

How to load a deal video

In order to edit a deal, simply "overtype" the current deal in your "my deal" section on your profile.

You are now able to "hide" deals (delete them). Simply access the "My Deal" section on your profile and scroll down to "visibility". Click on the up/down arrow on the right and select "Hidden" to hide the deal from your landing page (it will no longer be visible).

See the video on how to do this here:

Hide your deal