How do I cancel my subscription?

We are sorry to hear that you would like to cancel your membership to The Lions Den.

Please complete this feedback form HERE for research purposes, as we are continually striving to improve our offering and service.

Please note that if you decide to re-join at a later stage, you will need to pay a re-joining fee.

See the FAQ's under "re-joining" for further details about this.

Buyer Cancellation ON PAYFAST

If a buyer has opted to register an account with PayFast they can cancel a subscription from their PayFast account at any given time by following the below steps:

  1. Log into your PayFast account
  2. Navigate to the "transactions tab" and click on "subscriptions"
  3. Under "Your Subscriptions", retrieve the subscription that you would like to cancel
  4. Click on the "X" icon next to the subscription to cancel
  5. Click the "Submit" button to confirm the cancellation of the subscription

*NB If a buyer has not registered an account with PayFast:

Go to the Payfast registrations page and register the account using the same email address that is linked to the subscription you want to cancel.

Here is the Payfast registration page:

Click on "sign up"

Complete your details (using the same email address you used to sign up for The Lions Den)

Choose a password.

SELECT THIS:  I have read the End User Agreement and agree to be bound by it

DESELECT this: I want to receive online payments

Click on "next" and you will receive a verification email in your inbox with a link that you need to verify your free account with Payfast.
Once you click on the link in your email, you will be taken directly to your Payfast account with details of your subscription or ad hoc agreement, where you can cancel your subscription payment.
If you have any issues or are unable to cancel your subscription, please contact Payfast directly:+27 (0)21 300 4455

I want to change my bank or card details for the subscription paid via Payfast.

Please note that subscription payments are facilitated by Payfast (a third-party service provider).
If you need to change your bank or card details, you will need to do this on the Payfast system.

Follow the below steps:

Log into your PayFast account
Navigate to the Transactions tab and click on "Subscriptions"
Under "Your Subscriptions"find the subscription that you want to edit the card on
Under "Actions" click on the "card" icon to edit the card
Select the card you would like to change the subscription to, or if you want to add a new card click on the "New Card" option. If you add a new card you will then need to repeat steps 2-4.

*NB Please note that when you change the card linked to the subscription you will be redirected to the 3D secure page to verify your card with an amount of R 0.

If you have any queries about this, please contact Payfast on or call them on 0861 729 327.

Who may attend the live webinars and what are the access restrictions?

Only members (paid up) may attend the live training sessions and have access to the LionsLAB learning platform to watch recordings of the sessions.

If we discover that a member has given access to a non-member, we will immediately cancel your membership and no refund will be given.


I am having issues or problems paying via Payfast the payment gateway?

Payment via Payfast is a transaction between you (the member) and Payfast and unfortunately, we are not always able to assist with these queries, since Payfast is a 3rd party payment gateway.

If you are having any issues or problems with payment via Payfast, please see their FAQ's here:

Payfast FAQ's

I am having a problem with the payment gateway Payfast, can I pay by direct EFT?

Yes you can, here are our banking details, however:

  1. Payment must be for the FULL amount in order to gain access, we DO NOT accept installment payment by direct EFT
  2. You have to email your POP to

Use your name and surname as the reference, please.

We will activate your membership only upon receipt of FULL payment and your proof of payment.

RhinoRed t/a The Lions Den


Branch 632005

Cheque Account

408 589 1694

Please remember to send POP to

No POP, no activation!

It is impossible and impractical for us to check the bank statement continuously and try to track your payment, we trust you understand.

If you make an installment payment by direct EFT to this account, in contradiction to our terms and conditions as explained here, we will not refund you! You will need to settle the balance in full in order to gain access to The Lions Den.

My membership has been canceled. How do I re-join? What is the re-joining fee and procedure?

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that there is enough money in your account to cover the installment/subscription fee.
Please also note that the 3rd party gateway (Payfast) will try 5 times over 5 days to recover your subscription amount.
If we do not receive your payment in time, your membership will be canceled and you will lose access to The LionsLAB learning platform and your landing page will be deleted.
Should you wish to continue, a rejoining fee will be payable, before you will regain access.

The rejoining fee is currently R1000 (plus any outstanding installments).

Please ensure your payment is made (outstanding installment plus the rejoining fee) and email your POP to

Use your name and surname as the reference on the payment, please.

We will re-activate your membership upon receipt of your proof of payment. No POP, no re-activation.

You will need to pay by direct EFT to this account:

RhinoRed t/a The Lions Den


Branch 632005,

Cheque Account

408 589 1694

Please remember to send POP to

It is impossible and impractical for us to check the bank statement continuously and try to track payments, we trust you understand. 

No POP, no re-activation.



Why does the installment show "per month" and why is the "end date" in 3 months time?

You have the choice of paying upfront or in 2 x installments. You are also able to choose an upgrade to a 3-year membership (access to The Lions Den for 3 years).
Please see the website for more details.
If you are concerned that your payment records indicate "R....... per month", please don't be alarmed, unfortunately, the payment system does not allow enough space to display the full description.
The payment cycle is only 2 months, so it is R........ per month for 2 months only, but sadly, there is no space for the whole description.
The system requirements also specify that we have to enter an "end date" or termination date for the payment cycle, which allows a grace period for clearing of payments, due to different banks, etc (that is why it shows as 3 months after your initial sign up).
Unfortunately, this is not within our control, but we assure you that if you have selected the 2 x installment option, that only two payments are due (if you did not opt to pay upfront) and your membership term is as per the option you chose (1 or 3 years).

I can't pay my next installment, but I want to continue? Can I cancel and continue later?

We cannot extend your payment due date, as this becomes an administrative nightmare plus we would need to reconfigure our entire back-end of The LionsLAB Learning Portal to ensure people aren't watching the videos and training without paying, and as you are aware, this is exceptional value for a minimal investment. 

Please ensure that your payment is made by the due date. The payment gateway (Payfast) will attempt to recover the installment amount 5 times over 5 days.

Please make sure there is enough money in your account to cover the subscription, this is your responsibility. Also ensure that these arrangements are made timeously, to ensure that your payment is made by the due date. You made the commitment, please take responsibility.

Unfortunately, we are not able to facilitate or delay this process in any way. 

We really hope that you manage to make an arrangement, as we know that you are trying to improve and grow your business, but this program is really such incredible value as it is, that we can't accept further payment delays as well.

If we do not receive your payment by the due date, unfortunately, our system will remove your access from The LionsLAB your landing page will be deleted and a re-joining fee will need to be paid in order for you to gain access again.

For further details regarding the rejoining fee and how to rejoin, please see our FAQ's.


I made an EFT payment via the payment gateway, but I have not received my welcome mail?

We are glad to hear you are keen to get started 🙂
If you have selected to pay via EFT on the payment gateway, the payment may be delayed by 24-48 hours (usually because of different banks being involved), so we need to give it a day or 2 to clear, then the system will notify us and you will receive the welcome email.
Please first confirm that the funds definitely went off your account.
Once you have confirmed above, please let us know if you have not received a welcome mail more than 48 hours after payment, please remember to check your spam folder in case!

Payment by EFT issues or problems?

If you have paid by credit card installments, you will receive several automated reminders  - please also check your spam folder in case.

These emails serve to remind you to ensure that there are enough funds in your credit card to cover the installments, but ultimately, this is your responsibility and you have committed to make these payments on time, it is not our responsibility to follow up on outstanding payments.

Please ensure that the funds are available, as late payments cause an administrative nightmare. We will not be able to make exceptions and provide extensions, please make provision for the payment, this is not a lot of money for what you are getting.

If your payment is not on time, you will lose access to The Lions Den and no refund will be given.