I would like to buy a second or additional landing page or I would only like a landing page, not the training course?

We now have an option for you to buy an additional landing page within the Lions Den platform (excluding the training course).

Here is a quick video showing you how to do this:

How to buy an additional landing page only.


Please see the screenshot steps here:

Step 1: Access your TLD profile, click on the red button on the left-hand side "Access your listing profile"


Step 2: Click on the red button on the right-hand side "Buy Now"  - this will take you through to the payment page, where you are able to use your credit card, do a direct EFT or zapper or snapscan payment.




Who may attend the live webinars and what are the access restrictions?

Only members (paid up) may attend the live training sessions and have access to the LionsLAB learning platform to watch recordings of the sessions.

If we discover that a member has given access to a non-member, we will immediately cancel your membership and no refund will be given.


How do I join the TLD Whats App (WA) group?

Only TLD members may join the WA group. Once you apply to join, you will receive a message asking you to verify your name, surname and email address (that you used to join TLD). Please respond asap or you will be removed from the WA group.
◉ Click here to join.

I did not receive email 2 and 3 as referred to in the 1st P13 training session.

You should receive a Welcome Mail (with links to join the closed FB group and a registration link for the webinars). Please also check your spam folder in case.
The 2nd and 3rd emails Leon was referring to in the first session, were emails regarding the free membership coupon/voucher code and the business questionnaire that we ask new members to complete.
Here is a link to the questionnaire (if you do receive this email at a later stage, obviously please ignore if you already completed the questionnaire) and you will not receive the voucher code email as that special is not applicable any more (only for members who bought before the cut off date).
Please also see our FAQ's if you have any other questions, but if it is not answered there, please let us know, as we are adding more information daily, to make it as easy as possible to have the answers at your fingertips 🙂

Is there a time limit to use the free membership voucher coupon code?

Please ensure that your gift membership coupon is activated within 30 days of issue.

If your gift voucher is not activated within 30 days of date of issue, it will become null and void.

It is your responsibility to ensure, if you have "gifted" the membership, that is is taken up and activated. Please do not ask us to track this on your behalf. Please follow up with your "giftee" and if they have not made use of this amazing offer that you have gifted them, perhaps consider using the voucher for yourself as a 2nd landing page (using a different username and email address and activate from an incognito page). Please ensure that this is done before the expiry date. No refunds or reissuing of voucher codes under any circumstances.


Why does the installment show "per month" and why is the "end date" in 3 months time?

You have the choice of paying upfront or in 2 x installments. You are also able to choose an upgrade to a 3-year membership (access to The Lions Den for 3 years).
Please see the website for more details.
If you are concerned that your payment records indicate "R....... per month", please don't be alarmed, unfortunately, the payment system does not allow enough space to display the full description.
The payment cycle is only 2 months, so it is R........ per month for 2 months only, but sadly, there is no space for the whole description.
The system requirements also specify that we have to enter an "end date" or termination date for the payment cycle, which allows a grace period for clearing of payments, due to different banks, etc (that is why it shows as 3 months after your initial sign up).
Unfortunately, this is not within our control, but we assure you that if you have selected the 2 x installment option, that only two payments are due (if you did not opt to pay upfront) and your membership term is as per the option you chose (1 or 3 years).

I can't pay my next installment, but I want to continue? Can I cancel and continue later?

We cannot extend your payment due date, as this becomes an administrative nightmare plus we would need to reconfigure our entire back-end of The LionsLAB Learning Portal to ensure people aren't watching the videos and training without paying, and as you are aware, this is exceptional value for a minimal investment. 

Please ensure that your payment is made by the due date. The payment gateway (Payfast) will attempt to recover the installment amount 5 times over 5 days.

Please make sure there is enough money in your account to cover the subscription, this is your responsibility. Also ensure that these arrangements are made timeously, to ensure that your payment is made by the due date. You made the commitment, please take responsibility.

Unfortunately, we are not able to facilitate or delay this process in any way. 

We really hope that you manage to make an arrangement, as we know that you are trying to improve and grow your business, but this program is really such incredible value as it is, that we can't accept further payment delays as well.

If we do not receive your payment by the due date, unfortunately, our system will remove your access from The LionsLAB your landing page will be deleted and a re-joining fee will need to be paid in order for you to gain access again.

For further details regarding the rejoining fee and how to rejoin, please see our FAQ's.


Are there pdf documents or slides of the course content available to download?

Since PDF documents or slides can be downloaded by anyone and then the course content would be shareable with non-members (who have not paid), we trust you can understand that this is not possible.
Please remember that the course content will be available to members for the length of the chosen subscription (1 or 3 years), so you are able to access the recordings in The LionsLAB at any time during your subscription period.
The course content is the copyright of TLD and only for members 😊

How do I get "reviews" and can I have more than three?

Please ask your clients to leave reviews (simply share the URL to your landing page with them and ask them to complete the "Leave a Review" form) or share your review page URL directly with them so they don't need to scroll to the review form - it will look something like this: https://www.thelionsden.co.za/listings/yourcompanyname/#review

We have added space for additional reviews on your landing page (initially you could only have 3). You are now able to have a maximum of 24. Please note that any reviews over and above the amount of 24 will not be visible at this stage! We are still working on a system that will allow only a few reviews to show, with a "read more" button, which will open the rest...please bear with us...we are updating and improving all the time :). Soon we will increase the maximum to 36 reviews...:)

Please note that your review rating will also determine your position in the "ranking" of your listing (the higher the rating, the higher up your position in the member directory).

Please do not add fake reviews as this will negatively impact the authenticity of the Directory for all members, as well as damage your reputation.

We are also working on a system to prevent duplicate reviews. Only our system developer will be able to delete duplicate reviews, please contact margot@thelionsden.co.za for assistance.

We will not delete bad reviews, exactly like the Google and Facebook policy.

My listing is not in the top 30 and I am below other "free listings"?

The "Top 30 Services" are populated based on the number of listings we have per category (i.e. the more listings, the more popular the category), so this will automatically change, based on the number of listings.

Our ranking system ensures that the member listings are displayed above the free listings.

The members with the most and highest scoring reviews will be listed at the top.

Make your page rank higher by writing about relevant content, getting reviews and listing yourself in the correct category!