How do I go back to listen to a part I did not fully understand in a webinar recording?

The recordings in the LionsLAB are "windable" eg forward or backward, by using the slidable bar below, however, the recordings that you receive via email notification directly from the webinar jam platform are not "windable".

Please access recordings in the LionsLAB from your profile, if you would like to be able to forward or rewind to certain sections.

I have completed the TLD Business Questionnaire, what now?

The Business Questionnaire is vital for us to understand your business in more detail and to benchmark you as to where your business is at the beginning of your journey with us.

We do not provide feedback on individual questionnaires, these are also a tool to assist you, in terms of making you think about your business' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, etc. We may refer back to these answers at the end of the training if deemed necessary.

If you have completed the questionnaire and received the welcome mail, please ensure that all steps are completed in the welcome mail (especially joining the FB group and WA group for important notifications and registering for the webinar reminders!)

The next step is setting up your profile/landing page (if you have not already).

Please see the FAQ here for instructions on setting up your profile.



Who may attend the live webinars and what are the access restrictions?

Only members (paid up) may attend the live training sessions and have access to the LionsLAB learning platform to watch recordings of the sessions.

If we discover that a member has given access to a non-member, we will immediately cancel your membership and no refund will be given.


I am trying to update My Deal or My Blog or access The LionsLAB, but I keep going back to my profile page?

Please first log out of your profile completely, then try to clear your cache or use an incognito page, as it seems that your device may be storing previous information and you need to clear that first.
This is how you do this:
Once this is done, you can log in from this page below and if you click on this link after clearing your cache, you will need to type in your password:
If this does not work, please contact us on as we will need to re-set the system from the back-end.

I am not receiving the webinar reminders or the link to register?

There are 3 ways that we will remind you about the webinars:

  1. By email (if you registered for all 13 sessions by clicking on the link in your Welcome email)
  2. FB group for members only
  3. WA group for members only

There are many reasons why you may not have received a reminder, please make sure none of these apply, before you email us, post in FB, or call us:

  1. Did you click on the link in your welcome mail to register for ALL webinars and did you make sure you followed the correct process (please see the video below)? If you did not receive welcome mail, please check your spam folder too!
  2. Did you register for ALL webinars and not just one? Please see the video below.
  3. Which email address did you use to register? Please make sure you check ALL your inboxes and ALL your spam folders.
  4. On very rare occasions, some service providers have very strict filters, which block webinar reminder mails completely, this is out of our control (make sure you follow steps 5 and 6 below).
  5. Join the FB group for members only (TheLionsDenMembers)
  6. Join the WA group for members only (TLD WA Group)

The webinar link is posted again every Thursday morning (to the closed FB group and the WA group).

It is very important to join the FB group, if you haven't' already, you are missing out on lots of engagement and advice between members and Leon!

Please also join the WA Group! It is only used for important announcements and you will not be bombarded with messages, as only Leon can post in the group to members.

Registration for all 13 webinars:

Please make sure that after you click on the webinar registration link and you get to this screen below, that you click on the blue "subscribe" button at the bottom right to receive ALL reminders for the following webinars:

You will then receive an email to confirm your subscription, please click on the link in the email as well.

We trust you understand that we can't do much more than this, if you have not clicked on the link in your welcome mail, or you have not joined the FB or WA group, are not checking your SPAM folders for ALL your email addresses, or your service provider filters are blocking our reminders, it is out of our hands. We have created 3 different methods to make it as easy as possible to receive the link, the rest is in your hands and your responsibility.

Please also don't leave this till 5 minutes before the webinar...our support staff tries to only work normal office hours 🙂

If you miss the live webinar, all is not lost, please access the recording in The LionsLAB the next day.

Watch the video on how to register for all 13 webinars here:

Webinar Registration Video

My membership has been canceled. How do I re-join? What is the re-joining fee and procedure?

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that there is enough money in your account to cover the installment/subscription fee.
Please also note that the 3rd party gateway (Payfast) will try 5 times over 5 days to recover your subscription amount.
If we do not receive your payment in time, your membership will be canceled and you will lose access to The LionsLAB learning platform and your landing page will be deleted.
Should you wish to continue, a rejoining fee will be payable, before you will regain access.

The rejoining fee is currently R1000 (plus any outstanding installments).

Please ensure your payment is made (outstanding installment plus the rejoining fee) and email your POP to

Use your name and surname as the reference on the payment, please.

We will re-activate your membership upon receipt of your proof of payment. No POP, no re-activation.

You will need to pay by direct EFT to this account:

RhinoRed t/a The Lions Den


Branch 632005,

Cheque Account

408 589 1694

Please remember to send POP to

It is impossible and impractical for us to check the bank statement continuously and try to track payments, we trust you understand. 

No POP, no re-activation.



I can't pay my next installment, but I want to continue? Can I cancel and continue later?

We cannot extend your payment due date, as this becomes an administrative nightmare plus we would need to reconfigure our entire back-end of The LionsLAB Learning Portal to ensure people aren't watching the videos and training without paying, and as you are aware, this is exceptional value for a minimal investment. 

Please ensure that your payment is made by the due date. The payment gateway (Payfast) will attempt to recover the installment amount 5 times over 5 days.

Please make sure there is enough money in your account to cover the subscription, this is your responsibility. Also ensure that these arrangements are made timeously, to ensure that your payment is made by the due date. You made the commitment, please take responsibility.

Unfortunately, we are not able to facilitate or delay this process in any way. 

We really hope that you manage to make an arrangement, as we know that you are trying to improve and grow your business, but this program is really such incredible value as it is, that we can't accept further payment delays as well.

If we do not receive your payment by the due date, unfortunately, our system will remove your access from The LionsLAB your landing page will be deleted and a re-joining fee will need to be paid in order for you to gain access again.

For further details regarding the rejoining fee and how to rejoin, please see our FAQ's.


Are there pdf documents or slides of the course content available to download?

Since PDF documents or slides can be downloaded by anyone and then the course content would be shareable with non-members (who have not paid), we trust you can understand that this is not possible.
Please remember that the course content will be available to members for the length of the chosen subscription (1 or 3 years), so you are able to access the recordings in The LionsLAB at any time during your subscription period.
The course content is the copyright of TLD and only for members 😊

I am trying to ......... from a mobile device, but it is not working?

If you are experiencing any mobile related issues, eg. access problems, profile update problems, clients submitting reviews from a mobile, etc....

It is very difficult to say exactly what the problem may be, because there are so many devices on the market and not all are compatible with the latest technology..

The best course of action would be that you try from a different mobile device or a laptop or desktop PC instead.

Sorry that we couldn't be of more help, but sometimes these things are out of our scope of control.

I want to ask my coach something? I would like one-on-one coaching?

It is difficult for your coach to answer all your questions personally. Please understand:

"Our purpose is to enable 100 000 entrepreneurs in the next 5 years to have; a professional online presence, access to basic and advanced business coaching and training, exposure to the market place and the ability to compete on an equal and affordable footing."

This means that we have decided to create this course and offer it at a very affordable price, in order to assist more entrepreneurs. This also means that we can't offer one-on-one training and advice, we trust you understand 🙂

Also, remember that your question may be something that is still coming up in the training (please be patient, Rome wasn't built in a day :) may be covered in the FAQ's here? We are adding daily so that this will become a "library" of information for all members to access at any time. If your question is not in the FAQ's yet and it can benefit all members to know the answer, we will also add it to the FAQ library, thank you for helping us grow!
We usually ask members, who want to ask their coach something directly, to post their question in the closed FB group (for members only). If you haven't joined yet and you are a member, please join here.
If the question is of value to all members (in other words they can learn something relevant to the training from it), we approve the post (and then your coach also doesn't have to answer the same questions over and over :). Don't be offended if your post is not approved, this is just a way to streamline the process and guarantees that your coach will get to see your question and can respond to you personally or in the group.
Alternatively, you could ask your coach during the live webinar (there is always time for a few questions after each webinar on Thursday evenings at 8pm).
If you specifically would like a one-on-one consultation with your coach, which would be at an extra cost, please contact him via his website: