How do I add my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter address URL to my landing page?

Go to your Facebook page, or Instagram page or Twitter Page, and copy the URL at the top of the page, see this screenshot of The Lions Den URL....then paste it exactly as is into the field for the URL address on your landing page.

When I share my URL on Facebook, my logo is not displaying nicely, it is cut off or cropped?

This is a Facebook setting, but there are a few things we can do to prevent this from happening.

In order for the logo to display in full, Facebook requires the logo to be at least 600 x 315 pixels in size.

If you are able to adjust the dimensions of your logo, please do so.

In the meantime, our Tech Hero is working on a script that will take your logo, make a new version of it, and adjust it to FB's specifications so that it does not get cropped. We can't assume that everyone will know how to do this themselves, so we are going to try to solve this issue...please bear with us..

How do I upload FB live videos to my landing page?

The landing page can only accommodate Youtube videos, but you can download your FB Live video and upload it to your Youtube account, which means you can then link it to your landing page that way.

You can just follow these steps to download your FB Live video...

May my partner have access too?

This membership* to The Lions Den is for one individual only, not all the owners/partners of a business, or your friends and family.

We trust you can understand that this is a really good deal and if we allowed all partners access as well, we would have to start checking company registration documents, to ensure that partners are legitimate, etc...this would cause an administrative nightmare....and dilute our efficiency to provide extraordinary service to our members.

As the "joining" member, you can obviously share the knowledge gained with your partners during your business meetings.

*This applies to the closed Facebook and Whatsapp groups as well, one member per membership only.

If we discover that a member has given access to a non-member, we will cancel your membership with immediate effect and no refunds will be given.



How do I activate Whats App on my desktop or laptop?

Login to your profile on The Lions Den.
Select The LionsLAB.
Click on WhatsApp Group (Green Button to the left of screen)
On your device, open WA and click on settings.
Click on WhatsApp Web/Desktop
Point your phone at the screen to capture the code.
The WA group for members is for broadcasting only (you are not able to respond) in order to keep the messages from becoming overwhelming, we trust you understand.
You will be invited to the group as soon as it is up and running (and once your membership is activated).
If you have a question about the training or The Lions Den, please first check FAQ's, if the answer is not there, email or post in The Lions Den Facebook group (for members only).

I have a free membership to "gift", but I don't know who to give it to?

Unfortunately, we are unable to facilitate the process of "gifting" to someone else, but what we can suggest is that you either use the 2nd membership for another company/service/product that you may have, or you could perhaps post on your private Facebook page that you would like to gift the membership to someone deserving..

Well done for paying it forward!

Please note, that we don't have any access to the 3rd party (your chosen one), until after the payment is made and the "gift" membership is activated. Once the payment is made, you (as the member) will receive everything that needs to be sent to the "gift" membership owner.
That is the first time we receive their details (when they activate their membership via the coupon code that you send to them).


How do I join the Facebook group?

As a Lions Den member, you are invited in your welcome mail, to become a member of our closed Facebook group.

This is a forum where fellow members exchange tips/advice, Leon interacts with members (advice, etc) and we post important notifications and reminders.

When you join, we allow you to introduce yourself and your business and then (later on as the course proceeds) we allow 3 members per day to post a link to their Lions Den landing page (which is a work in progress and you are able to improve it with training received through the P13 MBA course) and "advertise" their business. Fellow members are asked for advice and input regarding your landing page.

All posts need to be approved by an admin of the FB group first.

No other advertising, posting of content not related to The Lions Den course, etc or spamming of other members is allowed.

Please do not request membership before activating your subscription, as we will not have a record of your membership yet and will not "know" who you are and will automatically decline your request.

If you have any questions or comments about the training, etc, please try to use the live webinars to ask your question or alternatively, you can post or comment in the FB group.

If you have not received a welcome mail with an invitation to join, after paying, please remember to check your spam folder first, then please join here:

The Lions Den FB Group


How do I get support and guidance if I have a question about the training?

There are various ways that you will be able to ask questions:

In the live training, that will be happening weekly, you will be able to ask questions.

In the Facebook group that you will be invited to join, once you become a member and when training commences, you can ask questions.

We are also busy creating a library of FAQs on the website, to address the most frequently asked questions.

Please only address support questions to after you have checked that it is not in the FAQ's.

Your coach will not be able to answer individual questions via email, please see our purpose, this is not a one-on-one coaching programme, hence the incredibly low price.

We trust you understand 🙂