Can I keep the second membership gift voucher code for myself, to get two landing pages?

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If you want to use the "gift" voucher/coupon code and get two landing pages for separate products, do the 2 products fall under the same business brand?

If both products fall under the same brand (eg A-Z Accounting), then you can call the one listing A-Z Accounting: Payroll and then the other A-Z Accounting: Audits, for example.

We would recommend this, as you can't have 2 listings on the platform called A-Z Accounting, as this will confuse potential clients.

Also just keep in mind that for the 2nd membership, you need to register that with an alternative email address and username as to the one you registered with originally.

We also have a "landing page only" package (for those who want additional pages)....see this package deal in your profile.


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