Personalised GPS for Life and Business REDEMPTION

ValuNETT Global
Somerset West

Normal Price: R4995 once off
Deal Price: R495 per month over 6 months minimum = 2970 in total
Valid Until: 2019-04-30

WHY - Do you want to REDEEM your Life and Business on terms that work for you?
WHAT - Do you want to make empowered decisions that you feel confident to stand by?
WHEN & WHERE - Do you know how to build your life and business around your Purpose, Passions and Talents?
HOW - Do you know what your Financial Risks are and how to manage those accordingly?
WHO - Do you have the correct support in place when you go through tough times - with people who fully understand what you are going through and that can share with you how they were able to step out of it?

Then this is for you - R495 per month (12 month engagement - minimum of 6 months to complete the programme)

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