Household management workshop 06-01-2020

Kashering Your Life

Normal Price: R999
Deal Price: R700
Valid Until: 2019-12-15

During this workshop, you will learn

How to create a pantry inventory
How to draw up meal plans to suit your family's likes and dislikes as well as your lifestyle
How to draw up your shopping list
How to use the South African version of coupons
How to shop so you don't waste time or fuel
How to set a workable household budget

You will also receive a toolkit consisting of 8 different reusable household management tools.

A blank pantry inventory list
A family likes and dislikes sheet
A weekly and monthly meal planner
A comprehensive shopping list
A route planner
A budget worksheet
A magnetic meal planner board
A special surprise gift

You also get to eat and drink and meet like-minded people.

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