Gummy Berry Juice

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Normal Price: R400
Deal Price: R360
Valid Until: 2020-02-29

250 ml

Recommended Use
• Shake Well
• 10 ml in die Morning
• 10 ml in the afternoon not later than 15:00
• Drink at Least 2L water every day

If you haven’t used any diet products in the last 6 months or if you suffer from high blood pressure use as follow
• Day 1 5ml in the morning and afternoon
• Day 2 10ml in the morning and 5ml in the afternoon
• Day 3 10ml in the morning and 10ml in the afternoon

• Pregnant and breastfeeding woman
• People with severe Heart problems or organ failure
• People allergic to iodine
• Iodine can be taken out on Request

Benefits of Gummy berry juice
• Regulates Sugar
• Absorption of fat
• Suppress appetite
• Increase memory
• Promotes Healthy Brain
• Provide insane sustained Energy all day

• Antioxidant
• Destroy Cravings
• Stabilize blood Sugar
• Reduce Cortisol levels
• Support Thyroid function

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